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    Industry leading strength-to-weight ratio
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    Manufactured of fully recyclable materials
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    No compromise in capability & carrying capacity



Sterling’s aluminum cargo van partition ensures the safety of your team whilst out on the road. Loose cargo can become projectiles in a sudden stop, and equipment can shift when cornering. Sterling specializes in driver protection to safeguard your business. These partitions are made with lightweight aluminum to maximize range in your EV. A partition is a requirement in a commercial van, so you’ll want the lightest on the market.



Upgrading to Sterling’s ToughLight Flooring will help maintain your work van’s lifespan. Our van floors are cut exactly to your wheelbase to make a perfect fit. Our van floors will not only help your efficiency on the job site, but will give your business a professional look. This flooring is a fully composite flooring system that is “floating” as it is not fastened to the van flooring to accommodate the battery system beneath.



Sterling’s lightest shelving yet. Designed with electric vehicles in mind to help maximize your range. This shelving is durable and heavy duty, yet lightweight. It features an innovative shelf divider system with infinite adjustment capabilities, and is designed to fit tight to the vehicle walls in order to maximize usable space in the vehicle. It is easy to assemble and install, and has the capability to be fitted with lockable doors for additional equipment security.

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