Drive Your Company Image

Drive Your Company Image

Drive Your Company Image

Drive Your Company Image

Drive Your Company Image

As a business that requires work vehicles, you have an advantage that many don’t. Your work vehicle is mobile advertising, it’s practically a moving billboard. It could be the first time a customer, driver or technician has heard of your company. That means, your image is critical. If your van is dirty and disorganized, it can raise red flags for your customers. They may be left wondering, will they treat my home this way? By implementing an organizational storage solution, you will build a professional, elite image and improve employee retention. Drive Your Company Image


Be Comfortable

A nicely outfitted van can help you retain employees. With an unemployment rate of only 5.4% in Canada, drivers and technicians are difficult to find. They’re even more difficult to hold onto. Nearly all companies are searching for quality staff. However, the more positions available, the more freedom drivers and technicians have to choose their favourite option. These jobs offer a fairly standard wage, leaving most prospects searching for good management and a comfortable work environment.

Providing them with a vehicle equipped to make their jobs quicker and easier will make all the difference. They’ll be happy in their workspace and proud to work for your company. One of our customers, Gandy Installations, often has a van outfitted by us when they hire a new technician or as a reward for high performing employees. They even let the new employee help decide which parts they will find most useful. This provides a sense of control and respect for the employee. Once the vehicle is completed, it’s assigned to the team member. Giving your technicians their own work vehicle creates a sense of ownership; they’re more likely to maintain a positive image.

gandy installations van on job site


Be Professional

When your messy van pulls up to a job site, it makes your company seem unprofessional. Unknowingly, your work vehicle visually tells people what your business stands for. Improve your first impression by keeping your vehicle organized. When a customer sees a chaotic van with dirty tools, it raises concern. They’ll be wondering if you’ll leave their home that way or if you’re going to track in dirt. Seeing a clean van with tools in their designated places is more reassuring. It shows that you care about maintaining the quality of your surroundings and that you’re tidy. For residential customers, this is an even higher priority. Needing repairs is enough of a wrench in everyday life. Cleaning up after the wreckage of a sloppy repair is the last thing your customer wants to do. A disorderly van could just be the causing factor to a negative review.


Drive Your Company Image – Look Elite, Be Elite

The doors open, immediately your gaze goes to the pile of materials and tools laying loose on the floor. Mixed into this pile is empty packaging, add parts and dirt. Lots of dirt. You raise your focus slightly to the shelving. Power equipment is protruding from the shelves. There is nothing to secure it from falling loose and banging around the cargo area with the rest of the junk pile.

The problem is, that stuff on the floor isn’t junk, its expensive equipment that is getting more worn by not being stored properly. Once other tools join a pile of mess, they’re likely to stay there. It will be difficult to find that tool, wasting valuable working time. A disorganized van gives a negative impression. How much better would you feel about hiring a handyman and seeing this…

clean image

The doors swing open, the first thing you notice is the shine. Everything inside this van is perfectly clean. It looks like it hasn’t even been used yet. Except for a couple of footprints here and there, this vehicle is spotless. The handyman reaches up to use the grab handle for an easy step-up into his van. He makes his way past the vibrant blue vice and over to the locking drawer cabinet. From the drawer, he pulls out his drill. It was that quick and easy to find.

If you would be more comfortable with a different experience, your customer likely will too. Providing optimized work vehicles to your company will greatly improve morale. Your drivers and technicians will be gratified to be a part of your business. Further, the boost in appearance and your employees’ moods will also provide a great impression on your customers.

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