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The Danger of Ladders

outer image of windscreen after a ladder crashed through it

The Danger of Ladders

The Danger of Ladders

Everyone knows that walking underneath ladders is bad luck. Though this is a superstition, it’s likely that you still avoid walking under one. We spend time avoiding this fake danger but have you ever thought about the real danger they propose?


Tricky Transportation of Ladders

Ladders are required for a wide range of industries. From HVAC technicians to electricians most trades need to bring one with them to their job sites. The most common are ones that are too long to fit inside your truck or van.

So how do you tie down your ladder? The other day one of our staff saw someone who had theirs strapped down with Zip Ties! Agreeably, those things are very strong. However, compared to the stress that would be applied while your vehicle is in motion, you may as well tie it down with paper.

This is what we use to secure ours.

Sterling Fleet Outfitter's Prime Design rack for ladders


Risky Business

A ladder that is not properly secured to your vehicle not only poses a threat for those around you but also to yourself.

interior view of windshield after a ladder crashed through it The largest risk of loose ladders is to the other road users. There have been many instances of them sliding forward, backward or even just flying away with a mind of its own. When ladders fall off the results can be catastrophic. There have been decapitations, multi-vehicle accidents and other close calls.

Just outside of Qualicum a man lost his ladder.  He went to retrieve it with the help of another road user and he was struck by a third party. Serious injuries were sustained to the owner who was on foot at the time of impact. Read the full article here.

Stuff, a New Zealand based news page, reported another instance that left a woman and her two children in shock when a ladder came crashing through her windshield. It had missed her and her two children by “mere centimeters”.


The Best Solution for Storing Ladders

By installing equipment that is designed to properly secure your ladder you could save yourself insurance costs and possibly even guilt.

At Sterling we offer many different types of ladder racks all with the purpose of locking them down. Our racks secure at multiple points on your ladder ensuring there are no accidents. One of our popular options is our Drop Down Ladder Rack demonstrated in the below video.

The drop down ladder racks have an ergonomic design and they do the “heavy lifting” for you. That is why Wesley in the video above was able to load or unload the ladder in less than 30 seconds.

ergonomic advantage of Sterling ladders

You wouldn’t try to drive a nail using a screwdriver because you know that using the right tool for the job is pertinent. Choosing a rack for securing your ladder keeps you, your staff and other road users safe. We have many different options available to best fit your budget and needs. Let us help you save time and like always, get more done.

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