How to beat the current commercial vehicle shortage!

commercial vehicle shortage

How to Beat the Current Commercial Vehicle Shortage!

With the massive shortage of new commercial vehicles in North America, getting a new work truck or van for your fleet is becoming increasingly more difficult by the day. With no timeline as to when we all will start seeing new vehicles hit the market, we must adapt to ensure that the wheels keep turning! Here are two options that will help your business succeed whilst in the midst of the commercial vehicle shortage.

1. Pick Up Truck Slip-In Service Capsules

Need a pickup truck, but don’t want to spend the investment getting it set up with your requirements, only for you to sell it in such a short time? Sterling has the perfect solution that will not only help you get on the road faster, but give you the mobile work solution for the future: Our Slip-In Service Capsules.

Our Slip-In Service Capsules arrive to you, ready to be installed onto the back of a truck, already outfitted with your personalized set-up inside the Capsule. We achieve this by:

  • Taking the time to learn your requirements
  • Helping design a solution that allows you to get more from your vehicle & service your clients.

Our Capsules have a 10-year warranty, giving you the ability to keep the capsules longer, and often the capsule outlasts the truck. We have 3 options available, cab height, mid-size & full-height in both the 6.5’ & 8’ bed lengths.

How Do Slip-In Service Capsules Benefit Your Company?

Slip-In Service Capsules can:

  • Be installed onto a used/second hand/off lease vehicle
  • Help you get on the road and get to work immediately
  • Provide maximum flexibility as they are easily transferable between any make/model of truck of the same size. * When new vehicles become available, you can easily transfer your existing cap from the old truck to the new truck.
  • Give your business the best chance of having zero downtime
  • Save you money in the future

* For example, you can transfer from a Ford F250 8’ Bed, to a Ram 2500 8’ Bed.

Our expert team will work directly with you to help design a layout solution that provides you with an organized and efficient work station. No matter where you are in North America, we can get these Capsules delivered directly to your door, ready to be installed and used straight away! We are here with you the entire way through the commercial vehicle shortage.

Cab Height                                                             Mid-Size                                                                 Full-Size
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2. Commercial Van Equipment to Beat the Commercial Vehicle Shortage

We at Sterling have the ability to ship our commercial van equipment anywhere in North America. From Alaska down to Florida, we have you covered. Our product range comes with an install guide, and our customer care team at Sterling can walk you through the process.

Buying a used van is one way to get more vehicles out on the road servicing your customers. Sterling products (shelving, refrigerant tanks, partskeeper units etc.) can be installed into the cargo space, and when the new vans are ready, they can be easily transferred to your new vehicle. Our aluminum product range comes with a 10-year warranty, which assures you will have minimal downtime and more time servicing your customers.

Client Example

One of our clients received a very basic van package (2 shelves & a safety partition) shipped to them for a used vehicle. They used this package to hold them over until their new van was ready. Once they received their new vehicle, we worked with them to upgrade the basic package into a more suitable solution for their application adding a partskeeper unit & ladder rack to. This allowed them to keep functioning during the vehicle shortage and increase their capacity.

We have a wide range of products available that can be easily installed by you, or your skilled technicians that will get you on the road. Our team will work with you directly to help design a layout that will allow your business to Get More Done.


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Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss your fleet options and how you would like to organize your fleet. We have all the upfitting packages and accessories to get you up and running during the commercial vehicle shortage which will help cover you whilst you wait for your new vehicles to arrive. We understand that a vehicle off the road is costing you money, but by working with Sterling, you can be servicing your customers with top-quality products to help your company succeed during this vehicle shortage.

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