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Sterling’s Truck Cap Contractor Package is the ultimate upfitting element your pickup truck needs to help you maximize your productivity and give you peace of mind.

Tough, durable, lightweight and not to mention water-proof – this is the last truck cap your pickup truck will ever need. Gone are the days of having to replace an aluminum cap every time you get a new truck, or having your tools destroyed or damaged after the aluminum cap inevitably leaks. Sterling’s Truck Cap Contractor Package offers a fully water-tight solution that ensures no water can get into the cap. Our cab height truck cap is one of the most secure options in the industry, giving you peace of mind knowing you have done all you can to protect your equipment. Most standard aluminum caps have minimal security features, often leading to damaged or stolen tools and equipment.

We understand the amount of $ your technicians transport in the cap. Sterling’s CB-01 / CB-03 Contractor packages will keep their tools dry, and away from opportunists.

Our pre-designed and built packages are a tried & tested solution that can be installed into the back of ANY 6.5’ or 8’ truck bed; giving you ultimate flexibility to take the cap with you when you get your new truck. Not only will this save you money, but you will have zero wait time.

Say goodbye to a 16-week lead-time, as we aim to have our Truck Cap Contractor Package in stock and ready to be professionally installed at our location, or to be easily shipped anywhere in North America.

Sterling’s Truck Cap Contractor Package Vs. DCU Aluminum Topper Package

Sterling’s Fiberglass Slide-In Capsule

  • Maintains Fleet Uniformity – Interior outfitting can be completed by SFO and shipped anywhere in North America
  • Universal Fit – Easily Transferrable to Other Makes or Models with Same Bed Length
  • 10+ Year Average Lifespan
  • Heavy Duty Build Quality
  • 1-5 Week Leadtime
  • No Leaks
  • Unibody Construction
  • Standard With Side Access Doors
  • Hold Stock

DCU Aluminum Topper Cap

  • Doesn’t Maintain Fleet Uniformity – Interior outfitting components will need to be shipped and installed as individual components
  • Specific Fit – Not recommended to transfer to a new truck, if required, only to same truck and model year
  • .035″ metal thickness
  • 6-8 Week Lead Time (Minimum)
  • Potential for Leaks
  • Panels Joined Together
  • Available with Side Access Doors
  • No Stock Holding

Included In The Package

The Truck Cap Contractor Package will withstand all you can throw at it or in it. The equipment from your vehicle packages are installed into our fiberglass slip-in truck capsules which maximize cargo space for your equipment storage. This unit is cab height and is made of one mold, completely sealing the inside of the cap from the elements and eliminating moisture entry points. It is able to be transferred between trucks by lifting from the underside of the roof and is the most durable fiberglass capsule on the market.

The interior shelving package will allow you to be the most efficient on the job site. This simple & practical Truck Cap Contractor Package layout allows you to maximize equipment separation, making it easier to locate and access what is needed on site.

Reduce health & safety injuries by having the ability to easily access your tools with minimal bending & climbing into the rear. Your team will now be reaching for their tools from a workable height. Gone are the days of climbing into your truck bed just to reach that drill that moved around and out of place when you were trying to get to the jobsite on time. With all your tools at a workable level, you reduce the chance of injury for your team

Other Package Perks:

  • We use Aluminum equipment to help reduce noise while in motion and to preserve the life of your vehicle upfit. Aluminum is spectacular because it is durable and lightweigt yet flexible.
  • This package also offers better visibility around the rear of the truck compared to other storage options.
  • The 1500lbs capacity bedslide ensures you can maximize the interior space capacity, and allows for safe load/unloading.

Standard Package Includes:

– 1x Fiberglass Slide-in capsule (cab height) with keyless remote unlock system
– 2x 2-Tier Shelving Units with mesh backing and a fixed hook
– Interior Lighting
– 1500lb Bedslide
– Backup Camera

Optional add-ons:
Need to transport ladders to the job site? Add on a ladder rack to your package! We have a simple two bar Cargo Rack, and a complete double drop down ladder rack system. Both ladder racks ensure that you increase your transport capacity, while the double drop down system additionally increases efficiency and safety.

Some of our customers have their caps wrapped with vinyl decals by their signage or branding providers. This provides a seamless and professional appearance that ties in with their vehicles and their brand.

We Make it Easy!

Live near our facility or in Florida? Not a problem! Our Truck Cap Contractor package can be professionally installed at our facility, or we can ship it straight to your door! It’s that easy to get your fleet the hardworking product it deserves! Ordering from the USA? Take advantage of the $ exchange rate and buy more, for less!

Safe & Ergonomic Workspace!

No more climbing, reaching or extending to access your tools. With the Truck Cap Contractor package, your team will not have to strain 95% of the time to get their equipment. We have highlighted in green on the bed pack where your team can access their tools without having to over extend their bodies. This reduces the possibility of your team getting injured when at the job site!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship to the USA?

Absolutely! We ship our Truck Cap Contractor package and van equipment all across North America! Sterling will arrange the shipping, documents and pay the brokerage charges so your purchase is as simple as possible. All you need to do is provide your business number, and pay your state tax if applicable.

What is the standard lead time?

We try to hold stock of our Truck Cap Contractor package models prebuilt at all times.  If we have a prebuilt capsule in stock, we can have it sent out within a week directly to your location of choice. If we don’t have a stock capsule that meets your spec, the lead time is typically between 4-6 weeks. Much shorter than the usual 16-week lead time of an aluminum topper!

Are these caps good in extreme climates?

Our caps are extremely well made, handle the wetter environments extremely well! They do not allow for leaks like other products in the market! The capsules also perform exceptionally well in hot or cold temperatures. From a winter in Manitoba, Rainy Pacific North West, to the heat of the desert in Arizona, our caps have no issues.

How can I install this if I don’t have a forklift?

Not to worry! If you don’t have a forklift available, we can help you find a local RV dealer that would be happy, and more than capable of installing this for you!

Why would I choose this over a DCU or another aluminum topper?

The benefits are endless, but the most common being:

– Universal Fit: No matter the model it, this package can be easily transferred to another truck (provided it has the same bed length) of any model! This ensures you maximize your investment and get more out of your tools.

– 10 Year Warranty: We stand behind what we say! This capsule will easily last 10 years. We are even transferring caps onto new trucks after 12+ years!

– No Leaks: We understand the importance of a try storage area. Leaks cause downtime, unhappy staff, and damaged tools!

– Short lead times: Don’t wait 16 weeks for an inferior product! We aim to have these packages in stock that can be delivered to you within a week. The max time you will wait it 4-6 weeks.

What Industries are using these?

Contractors, Heavy Duty Service Technicians, Landscapers, Mechanical Service, Police, HVAC, Plumbers, Builders, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Road surveyors, road constructions & so much more!

What is the process for placing an order?

When you’re ready to go ahead with us; we simply require a deposit to get started with your build. When the capsule is finished and ready to be shipped, we will send you a full set of photographs or do a walk-through video of your capsule. Once you are entirely satisfied, you will pay the remainder of the invoice before we ship the capsule to you.

Where can I see one before I buy?

If we have clients in the area, we will provide you with their details for you to view the capsule. If there is no one in your region, we can provide you with references and/or we can do a video walk-through to ensure that you get a realistic sense of the product quality and functionality provided.

Who can I call if I have any installations or warranty questions?

We have a specialist customer care team that you can contact for all questions relating to install and warranty. We are so confident with our product that we offer a 10-year warranty. This ensures that you can have full confidence and peace of mind when choosing our products.

Do you sell complete trucks or just the equipment package?

We do not sell vehicles; we only sell equipment packages. However, we can work with your dealer or leasing company to provide you with a turnkey outfitted vehicle.

contractor truck cap

contractor truck cap

contractor truck cap

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