Slip-In Service Capsule-Solution for your truck

Tradespeople have long recognized the practicality and versatility offered by mid-sized pickup trucks, making them a popular choice within their profession. Mid-size pickup trucks with 6-foot beds offer a versatile combination of capability and maneuverability, meeting the unique demands of trade professionals on a daily basis.

These trucks strike a balance between compact models and their full-size counterparts. Popular options in this category include the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier. Trucks that are compact enough to navigate through tight city streets and congested construction sites, yet spacious enough to accommodate essential tools and equipment. With their smaller footprint, tradespeople can easily park and maneuver in urban areas without sacrificing cargo capacity.

Sterling’s Compact Capsule is a cab-height unit that fits most 6′ domestic truck beds and allows tradespeople to increase the capacity and functionality of their work truck. This cap is the perfect addition to your truck as it’s durable, long lasting, and is easily transferable. Even when you change your truck, there is no need to change the cap. The compact cab-height capsule is the best option in the market if you have a smaller pickup and want to increase the cargo area.

To maximize storage and accessibility, the addition of side shelving and doors is a popular choice. To eliminate the need to climb into the truck cap, a favored accessory is Sterling’s slide-out bed tray. The bed tray will allow you to bring your equipment out of the truck for better access. The Compact Capsule is made from fiberglass and is the only full-coverage truck canopy made with a split molding process. That means there are no seams filled with rubber that will later dry out and leak., ensuring that all your equipment is protected.

Bed Slide
The bed tray allows you to easily bring your equipment out of the truck

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