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Your best choice for commercial van equipment and customized trade packages is Sterling. We offer commercial van upfitting of all types of vehicles for a variety of industries and applications. We serve all trades, Mobile Service, Police, Fire, Media and many other specialized services.

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Commercial Van Equipment - Dodge Ram Promaster Contractor Package

A commercial van needs an upfit that is efficient and functional, like yourself! At Sterling, we specialize in cargo van equipment including van shelving, safety partitions, bin shelving, van drawer systems, wall and floor lining kits, van lighting, workbenches and more!

All of our cargo van equipment is constructed of Lightweight Aluminum, they are engineered to maximize vehicle and operator efficiency, and to outlast the vehicle they are installed in. Our most popular Aluminum equipment is our Aluminum Shelving.

It is our ongoing commitment to innovate and work with our customers to design, build, and professionally install equipment that is custom crafted to meet each requirement and trade. Our main goal is to boost your productivity so you can Get More Done.

Why go Aluminum for Commercial Van Equipment?

  • Reduce the weight of your van equipment by 45%
  • Have a rattle-free environment
  • Custom shelving that is securely contoured to the walls
  • Allow for clear floor span and a product that will flex with your vehicle.

Our dropdown ladder rack systems are designed to avoid fatigue and be hoisted easily.

Van Packages 

Click here to check out our popular van trade packages. These van packages are designed to take the stress away from you! With almost 18 years experience working with clients in many different trades, our knowledgeable team will ensure you get the layout that suits your business! Whether you need van shelving, specifically aluminum shelving, van drawers, or whatever else you may need to get your vehicles out on the road, we have you covered.

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Fiber Optic Technicians

HVAC Technicians

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Delivery Technicians 

If you have any questions, or want to add items to the packages, contact our team today!

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