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Transferable Service Bodies

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Transferable Service Bodies, also known as ‘Slip In Service Capsules, provide the convenience of extra storage space, mobile workstations, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our transferable service bodies are made in Canada by Maranda Enterprises and have been tried and tested by years of heavy use in the field. These commercial truck caps are a natural extension of your work vehicle and seamlessly integrate with ease.

What are Transferable Service Bodies?

  • An eco-friendly and economical way to add a versatile and sleek workspace to your commercial truck, converting it into an essential mobile workshop.
  • Save money on gas vs. a service van as these Slip In Service Capsules are both lightweight and durable.
  • Take your work with you where cargo vans can’t reach by adding to a 4-wheel drive.

Transferable Service Bodies can be easily transferred between vehicles

Transferable Service Bodies Save You Money!

Save thousands by transferring your Cap to a new vehicle:

Transferable Service Bodies, can save your business thousands of dollars over its service life, when compared to a service van. This is because the unit can be easily transferred to a new vehicle. This is especially useful when leasing your work vehicle, as when you lease a newer truck, just transfer your Truck Cap to the new vehicle easily.

Maranda capsules are universal for domestic pickup trucks and can be easily transferred from one truck to another, fully outfitted, in just a few minutes. Transfer can be done using a forklift or simple camper jacks.

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