Slip In Cap - Transferable Service Bodies

Slip In Service Capsules

When time is money and safety is non-negotiable, the key to success lies in your upfitting products.

Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and Get More Done in your day with a durable uni-body canopy upfit with Sterling’s purpose-built trade package!

Sterling’s slip-in canopies are built to keep your gear safe and dry, and are transferable from truck to truck! Our upfit packages ensure that your equipment is organized so you can access your tools quickly and easily.

We are so sure, you’ll love our canopies that we back them with a 10-year warranty.

Why Sterling capsules are a top-choice for your business

Take a look at our high-roof canopy with Service Mechanic Package

Sterling Capsule vs a DCU – what’s the difference? 

Benefits of a Sterling Capsule

  • Strong and durable – over 10 year lifespan
  • Unibody – watertight to protect your gear!
  • Universal fit – transferable from truck to truck with same bed size
  • Secure – back up camera, integration with truck fob, optional puck locks

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