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Slip In Service Capsules, also known as Transferable Service Bodies, or Commercial Truck Caps provide the convenience of extra storage space, mobile workstations, and have a positive effect on the environment.

Keep your fleet as green as possible with commercial truck caps from Sterling.

They can save significant money on gas (versus a service van). The lightweight of our Slip In Service Capsules in combination with the mileage standards of a lightweight or mid-duty truck are much more economical on your wallet and the environment.

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What is a Slip in Cap?

  • Generally regarded as ‘Commercial Truck Caps‘ or truck toppers, these lightweight capsules are one-piece fiberglass molded, designed to maximize your work and storage space. They are ideal for many mobile workshop scenarios such as Fiber Optic Splicing, municipal electricians and contractors.
  • Also known universally as ‘Transferable Service Bodies‘ because they can be hoist fitted from one vehicle to another easily.

Slip In Service Capsules can be easily transferred between vehicles

Based in the USA?

Slip-in Cap – EcoFriendly

Our Slip-In Service Capsules are a great solution if you want to take your work on the go. These rugged and sleek truck caps are manufactured in Canada.

Their one-piece fiberglass construction makes them an excellent choice for a mobile workshop for your commercial truck. Lightweight and aerodynamic reducing drag and fuel consumption. It can be easily transferred to a new leased vehicle saving you thousands of dollars for your fleet.

Still deciding what brand of service body you want to use? Check out our no-nonsense guide here to make your decision easier!

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