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Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck

The Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck is set to shake up the industry with its 4 in-wheel hub motors which allow for less moving parts, 600 horsepower and a 7500-pound towing capacity. The Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck has a lot less moving parts which will allow for a lower maintenance cost and lower total cost of ownership. With such a new vehicle we haven’t had our hands all over one yet, but we are confident that we have all the commercial truck equipment to make this truck outperform your competitors on the road.

What we know so far…

  • The Endurance is said to have a range of approx. 250 miles.
  • Produce 600 horsepower & tow up to 7500lbs.
  • 4 In-Wheel Hub Motors – leads to a true 4 wheel drive
  • Fewest Number of Moving Parts – leads to lower maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership
  • A vehicle designed around being smarter, safer, and more productive for work.
  • Entry pricing of approx. $52,000 USD

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Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck Upfit Options

Commercial Van Equipment by Sterling allows you to tailor your Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck with the equipment that travels with you every day.

With a wide range of product offerings for the Lordstown Endurance Pickup Truck, we have the ability to make the truck as versatile as you need to it be. We have a wide range of products available to be fitted to the truck, or full workshop capsules that can be inserted onto the rear. We have a wide range of transferable slip-in service capsules that allow you to get more from the vehicle.

For a complete package we have pre-designed layouts ready for you to choose from; such as fiber optic technicians, contractors, service mechanics and fire investigations and so many more benefits from our vast array of storage solutions.

We have a variety of different truck racks, rails, lift gates and bedslide units that would be great for the back of your Lordstown.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters offers many options for customizing mobile solutions to your needs. We offer a full turn-key solution, that will have you impressing your customers and helping you Get More Done.

Contact Us today to speak with an vehicle outfitting expert! Keep up to date with our latest packages by watching  our Get More Done Moments here.

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