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Upgrade your work vehicle with Sterling’s  slip-in truck capsules, designed for 6.5’ and 8′ beds. Our fiberglass truck caps are available in cab-height, mid-height or full-height. These durable units are leak-proof, offering a 10+ year lifespan. Ready-to-go packages are in stock, or customize to fit your needs. Easily transferable to new trucks, these one-piece molded units are a great long-term investment. Ideal for commercial trades, our outfitted capsules can be shipped across North America for uniform fleet installation. Benefit from a universal fit, no leaks, and organized storage options with our . Boost efficiency, safety and productivity—get Sterling’s truck canopies today!

Truck Trade Packages

Click here to check out our popular truck trade packages. These truck packages are designed to take the stress away from you! With almost 18 years experience working with clients in many different trades, our knowledgeable team will ensure you get the layout and truck equipment chosen will suit your business!

View our packages for:
Fiber Optic Splicing Technicians
Service Mechanics

They are all shown in our transferable slide-in service capsules. If you have any questions, or want to add items to the packages, contact our team today!

Fiber Optic Splicing Interior
Truck Body Package
Side Shelving for a Cab Height Truck Cap
Truck Body Package
Cab Height Truck Cap Shelving Unit
Shelving for a truck cap

Take a tour of one of our Contractor Packages.

Slip-in Service Capsules can be easily transferred between vehicles

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