Woola Mechanical Case Study

Established in 2023, Woola Mechanical injects fresh energy into the mechanical industry under the leadership of Brock Johnson, Brett Johnston, and Dylan Roper. Their vibrant online presence reflects their bustling operations, specializing in HVAC and plumbing services.

Woola is known for prioritizing safety and efficiency over shortcuts. Their dedication to quality sets them apart in a competitive industry and resonates deeply with us.

In this case study we take a look at Woola’s strategic investments on quality upfitting resulting for them to #GetMoreDone.

Brock Johnson shares firsthand insights into their decision-making process and the challenges they aimed to address through Sterling’s services. Sterling has been collaborating with Woola since 2023, having upfitted four of their vans and maintaining a strong relationship.

For startups weighing investment decisions, Woola’s experience offers invaluable guidance. Whether contemplating equipment upgrades or getting your first van upfitted, Woola’s story shows how smart investments and strong partnerships ultimately lead to higher return on investment, efficiency, and retention of skilled workers.

Diving into Woola Mechanical’s Challenges: Why They Partnered with Sterling to Kick Start their Operations

Introduction And Background:

Q: Can you tell us a little about your company and its core business?

A: We are a Plumbing & HVAC service provider that does service, maintenance & installations

Q: Tell us about the latest project that you used our products/services for?

A: We are using the van outfitting for daily service, and installations for both Plumbing & HVAC Divisions

Q: What were the challenges or pain points were you trying to solve?

A: Most of the team is familiar with Sterling products, and without such shelving a service van can become disorganized, and busy very quickly. This organization helps speed up calls, and keep our teams organized.

Selection Process/ Why Sterling?

Q: What criteria do you use to evaluate upfit provider?

A: Quality of materials and availability of installation to get vans on the road quickly.

Q: What were the key factors that led to your decision to choose our product/service over others?

A: Quality products, and customer service.

Q: How do you envision Sterling continuing to support your company’s growth and goals in the future?

A: By continuing to work with us on ways to adapt our vehicles to new needs, and to help us find savings whenever possible.

Learn About How Sterling Fleet Outfitters Tailored a Solution for Wool Mechanical’s HVAC and Plumbing Operations

Q: What specific features or aspects of our product/service have had the most significant impact on your business?

A: The tools drawer organizers, parts bins, and new Milwaukee Packout add on. These allow our teams to store, and organize many different parts, fittings and tools in a manner that is easy to access, well organized and creates more space in the van for additional equipment or parts for jobs.

Q: How has our product/service improved efficiency, productivity, or profitability within your organization?

A: By having various options for storage, and tools lockup, our team can quickly and efficiently grab what they need without the mess of crates, boxes, or the cluttered storage options.

Q: In summary, how would you describe the overall impact of our product/service on your business in a few sentences?

A: It allows us to look professional, organized, and more prepared for services over companies without this kind of outfitting.


In our partnership with Woola, Sterling has successfully upfitted four vans, primarily Ford Transit 148″ Low Roof and Mid Roof models. The highlighted case study features a Ford Transit 148″ Mid Roof specifically tailored with our Plumbers Package.

The products in this page are the key equipment that Brock mentioned in his interview.

Jumbo Pull-Out Tool Drawer And Partslider Drawer
The Jumbo pullout drawer, with a weight capacity of 320 lbs, securely stores medium-sized equipment for travel. Its locking feature ensures safety. Complementing this, the partslider drawer is ideal for smaller tools and accessories.

Milwaukee Packout Keeper
Our Sterling Milwaukee Packout Unit, featuring 4 carry cases, eliminates the hassle of stacking and unstacking. Effortlessly organize your tools for easy access and efficient transportation. It is also the perfect solution to keep your small tools organized!

Packd Lightweight 4 Shelf Unit, 62″ H x 72″L
Sterling’s lightweight 60″w aluminum shelving unit is the perfect option for high/mid roof cargo vans as it allows you to efficiently & effectively organize your equipment in your van. This aluminum shelf is built to last and can be easily installed!

When Asked To Share Advice For New Business Owners Trying To Build Their Operations, This Is What Brock Has To Say.

“While the initial cost is extensive it is a product that lasts longer than most of the vans, and maximizes the space in the van which compounds worker efficiency over the years which ultimately saves money.”

– Brock Johnson

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