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Viking Fire Protection Case Study

Ford Transit Connect branded with Viking Fire Protection.

Viking Fire Protection Case Study

Viking Fire Protection, has a 90-year history in fire protection services and knows what it takes to meet the needs of their customers. For the past three years, Viking has been working with Sterling Fleet Outfitters to provide their technicians with mobile work stations that are designed for efficiency. We spoke with Sean Joyce, their regional  manager, and asked him to share why he chose Sterling and how we have helped him optimize his fleet.

Selection Process. Why did you decide to go with Sterling? 

Reasons why Viking Fire Pro chose Sterling Fleet Outfitters to upfit their fleet.

Sean highlighted three decisive factors that led Viking Fire Protection to choose Sterling Fleet Outfitters: relationship, cost, and product quality. The strength of the relationship and seamless communication the Sterling team, played a pivotal role in their decision. Sterling’s commitment to proactive communication, updates, and responsiveness was crucial to this partnership. Cost-effectiveness was another key element, aligning the best quality products with long-term value. Viking Fire Protection valued how Sterling crafted packages that optimized their budget while optimizing functionality for their technicians. Lastly, he stated the importance of product quality, with a focus on durability tailored to the nature of the job.

Implementation. What was the impact of the partnership?

The upfitting process significantly transformed Viking Fire Protection’s operations by addressing their organizational challenges. This transformation turned their fleet vehicles into well-organized mobile workstations, leading to increased efficiency, streamlined operations, more billable hours, and faster installation services.

A Word of Advice. 

“If you want to work with a great and responsive staff that will take the time to listen to your needs and ensure they are met [work with Sterling Fleet Outfitters].” is Sean Joyce’s answer when asked to share advice for those wanting to improve their fleet performance. He emphasized how the team’s responsiveness and attentiveness made him more effective on his role as a regional manager. This partnership with Viking Fire Protection highlights how having a supportive, forward-thinking, and quality-focused partner in fleet management is crucial.


Over the past three years, we’ve been a trusted partner, upfitting their trucks and vans. Viking’s most recent fleet upgrades involve two distinctive builds: one showcasing a DCU topper equipped with a Bedslide, and the other, a custom-van package for their Transit Connects.

Build #1: DCU Topper with a Bedslide

This build features a DCU topper mounted on a 6’5″ bed of a GMC Sierra. What sets this build apart is the inclusion of a Bedslide and a ladder rack. The Bedslide is critical for allowing easier access to tools and equipment. Not only does it increase ease of access but it improves the ergonomics of the work station to help improve safety and reduce fatigue. This build is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need a mobile work station for quick maintenance repairs.

DCU topper mounted on a 6'5" bes GMC Sierra DCU topper with Ladder Rack build for Viking Fire Protection.







Build #2: Custom Van Package

The purpose of this build was to improve organization and increase efficiency. With the shelving, this setup greatly assists technicians in organizing their tools and ensuring easy access. These lightweight shelves also contribute to improved fuel efficiency. The build includes several practical accessories like an LED dome light, rubber floor mat, Partskeeper storage unit and a 6-inch fixed hook, both attached to the driver’s side shelving. Additionally, two plastic bins with center dividers have been added for enhanced organization.

Ford Transit Connect Upfit. Upfitted with lightweight aluminum shelving by Packd.

Driver side Packd shelving.






Tie Down Hook installed in a Ford Transit ConnectViking Fire Protection Ford Transit Connect







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