Bigfoot Crane Case Study

Big Foot Crane, a construction equipment provider located in Abbotsford, BC specializes in servicing, renting, and selling a variety of equipment, including self-erecting cranes, tower cranes, personnel hoists, and underhook attachments. Additionally, they operate an academy that provides training for crane and hoist operators, along with civil rigging certifications.

Chris Cassidy, Operations Manager, at Big Foot Crane had a pick-up truck that was slated for retirement in the near future and was looking for an upfit solution that would allow him to fully utilize the vehicle now and maximize the return-on-investment in the long run.

He found what he needed in Sterling’s CB-03 slip in canopy.  Not only was is durable and functional, but it can be easily transferred to a new pick-up truck when the time comes. And with CB’s in stock and ready to go, they were able to get on the road quickly allowing them to #GetMoreDone for their customers.

During our interview with Chris Cassidy, the Operations Manager at Big Foot Crane, we delved into the reasons behind their switch from a different brand to ours and explored the factors contributing to their ongoing partnership with us.

LinkedIn Screenshot of Chris Cassidy being a promoter of our slip-in service capsule

1. Tell us about the product or service that you purchased from Sterling Fleet Outfitters. 

Our most recent project with Sterling was the installation of a cab-height service capsule into an older truck in the fleet. This unit was slated for retirement but the cab height capsule gave us an opportunity to retain a reliable vehicle at lower cost.

2. What were the challenges or pain points were you trying to solve? Why did you swap your service capsule to our CB-03?

Installing a typical contractors canopy with BedSlide on an older vehicle wasn’t worth the investment so moving to a service capsule allowed us to use this vehicle for a few more years and then swap into a new vehicle when needed.

II. Selection Process

4. What criteria do you use to evaluate an upfit provider?

Lead time, product quality, communication and cost were all critical criteria.

5. What were the key factors that led to your decision to choose our product/service over others?

The service during the quoting process and the exceptional product pushed us to Sterling. The sales team was very informative and had no objections to bringing the product right to our facility for display.

III. Integration

6. How did you integrate our product/service into your workflow? Were there any challenges during the implementation phase?

The entire service process with Sterling was flawless and at no point did I find it to be a burden on myself. Any questions I had were easily answered and transportation was fully arranged.

IV. Solution and Results:

7. What specific features or aspects of our product/service have had the most significant impact on your business?

The limited downtime from the quick turnaround was great to minimize the impact.

V. Customer Experience:

A technician working on a slip-in service capsule.

8. How has the overall experience been working with the team at Sterling?

Incredible. I’d say the service was legendary but that’s my tagline.

9. Can you share any anecdotes or stories that illustrate how our product/service has made a difference for your team or clients?

Everything from top to bottom was great. Shawn, the inside team, and production were all world class and at no point was I chasing down answers.

VI. Future Outlook:

10. How do you envision Sterling continuing to support your company’s growth and goals in the future?

As we grow our business the need for more field staff continues to grow and having them outfitted in well designed vehicles delivered by great service is critical.

VII. Advice for Others:

11. What advice would you give to other companies or professionals who are facing similar challenges that you experienced before using our product/service?

Don’t fall into the trap with cost savings on a canopy tied to a specific vehicle when solutions for a reusable product that can minimize downtime are available.

12. Is there anything else you would like to share with others who might be considering working with our company?

Working with a supplier that values your time and works to keep you informed is priceless.

Chris’s Q&A shed light on why they opted for our slip-in service capsule over their previous slip-in solution. The deciding factors were clear: shorter lead times, top-notch quality work, and exceptional customer service. Sterling’s dedication to delivering on these aspects resonated with Chris, highlighting the commitment we extend to each client. If you’re a business owner or fleet manager facing a similar challenge to Chris, explore our range of in-stock slip-in service truck capsules for a solution tailored to your needs. You can browse through our service capsule selection.

Company Featured:

Bigfoot Crane Company

2170 Carpenter St, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6B4

Photo Credits to Chris Cassidy