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  • Prioritizing Safety And Ergonomics: Enhancing Well-Being In The Field
    Prioritizing Safety And Ergonomics: Enhancing Well-Being In The Field

    In commercial trades, prioritizing safety isn’t merely about meeting regulations—it’s a moral responsibility. Ensuring the well-being of employees isn’t just crucial for their own sake; it’s essential for upholding the integrity of the organization and safeguarding the communities they serve. This responsibility becomes even more pronounced within sectors such as telecom, mechanical engineering, construction, and…

  • Evolution of Customized Work Trucks
    Evolution of Customized Work Trucks
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    In construction, precision and speed are the cornerstones of success. The role of customized work trucks has evolved into a linchpin for operational excellence. Let’s explore the top considerations for optimizing your commercial fleet. The Synergy of Mobility and Accessibility A well-equipped work truck serves as the hub for critical activities on a construction site.…

  • Fit & Finish
    Fit & Finish
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    Sterling’s Quality Fit and Finish One thing that sets Sterling apart is our ability to provide the highest quality fit and finish possible for our customers.  The look of their equipment is just as important as the boosted efficiency and high-quality products. Why does it matter? Well, it’s not only about the visual appeal but…

  • Reducing Workplace Injury
    Reducing Workplace Injury
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    How to Reduce Workplace Injury Tradesmen and skilled transport and equipment operators all share a high risk for a workplace injury. In 2017, there were 82,216 lost time claims submitted and 486 fatality claims in Canada. It’s already your priority to avoid anyone being hurt. When a workplace injury occurs, it is traumatizing for the…

  • Top 5 Safety Products
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    Top 5 Safety Products Sterling serves many kinds of tradesmen and businesses. From delivery drivers, to contractors, to HVAC technicians. But, what do most of our customers have in common? They value safety. That’s why, we wanted to share some of our top safety products including safety partitions, no-slip flooring, drop down ladder racks, cab…

  • The Danger of Ladders
    The Danger of Ladders
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    The Danger of Ladders Everyone knows that walking underneath ladders is bad luck. Though this is a superstition, it’s likely that you still avoid walking under one. We spend time avoiding this fake danger but have you ever thought about the real danger they propose?   Tricky Transportation of Ladders Ladders are required for a…

  • Sterling Road-Trips
    Sterling Road-Trips

    You don’t want to miss us! Sterling Fleet Outfitters goes on road-trips. During this time our representatives visit local businesses so they can better get to know us and what we do. As a result, this information will help you choose your best upfitter.

  • Truck Body or Trailer
    Truck Body or Trailer
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    Truck Body vs. Trailer You have a pick-up truck and you know that you need to use it to bring all of your tools and equipment to work with you each day. You think that your options are pretty straight forward. When you aren’t at work you are using your truck for personal use and…

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