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Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Outlast Your Van / Truck

Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Reduce Lifetime Costs

Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Maximize Productivity

Get More Done With Sterling
Sterling Fleet Outfitters exists to help companies Get More Done. Who doesn’t want to embody that statement? Time is a finite resource. To not make the most of every minute isn’t in our DNA and we don’t believe it’s in our Customer’s either. The question to ask now is: What is your “More”? Is it more billable hours on a job? More time at home with your family? Whatever it means to you, we help you accomplish it. Learn more here.

Your Success is What Matters

  • 20,000 Customers – North America Wide
  • Over 26,000 Vehicles Upfitted
  • 2,190 + Hours of Improved Productivity For Our Customers

Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Fleet Managers

Sterling specializes in standardization, throughout capacity & vehicle packages. Be rest assured, every time you purchase a vehicle it will be in the hands of your technicians in no time. We have nationwide service agents that will minimize any downtime you might encounter, if any issues arise while your tech is on the road. We work with you to design packages that fit your business, maximize cargo space and most importantly, have the facility to outfit your fleet in a timely fashion. Through the years we have quickly become a leading fleet vehicle outfitter. From commercial van equipment, pickup truck equipment & slide-in service capsules, we can do it all. Our products can be installed at our purpose-built facility, or we can ship directly to your door. We offer solutions that are fit for purpose and increase the efficiency of your fleet, making them more standardized, reduce the over costs, and minimize vehicle downtime.


Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Owners/Operators & Technicians

Minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and Get More Done. That’s what every one of our designed and built products will do for you. We understand a vehicle off the road is costing you money. We stand by our fit & finish, design layouts and outfitting process that will ensure you get more from your vehicle. We offer customized, innovative solutions for work trucks and service vans to truck caps, van shelving packages, ladder racks, accessories and more. We take the time to understand your trade, your needs, and commercial vehicle options, then offer solutions that we know will make a huge impact on your overall business. We have pre-designed trade packages for cargo vans & pickup trucks that will help make your life more enjoyable on the road. All our trade van & truck packages can be customized to add additional upfitting equipment that will give your commercial vehicle that extra boost! You can even Buy Online to make it easy for you!


Sterling Fleet Outfitters - Commercial Van & Truck Equipment Upfitters

Fleet Leasing Companies

Managing a fleet? Time and the bottom line are two of your largest concerns. We get that. We understand your pressures, deadlines and problems. From arranging transport, vehicle build updates, virtual or in-persons handovers and warranty issues – we do it all! Think of Sterling as your one-stop-shop for all vehicle upfitting and logistics. We provide a seamless service that allows you to shine to your customer. Sterling is your go-to outfitter with North American wide coverage, 19+ years’ experience, quality products and a full-time customer care team to answer all your clients’ questions. We take the stress of vehicle upfitting away from you, and can work with the customer directly (and with you) to design a layout that gets the most out of their vehicle outfitting. We are the vehicle upfitting experts for commercial vehicles; cargo vans, pickup truck, box trucks and slide in service capsules!


STOP! Don’t waste any more time searching for loose equipment in your commercial cargo van; using Sterling’s van equipment products will allow you to have a well-organized, efficient & enjoyable workspace, making your life on the road more enjoyable whilst making it easier for you to locate everything you need to perform at your best when you arrive to the jobsite. Our product range units ultimately have a huge impact on your billable hours; as you will increase your efficiency, allowing you to take on more jobs while keeping your customers incredibly satisfied!

Sterling’s High & Low Roof Aluminum Van Shelving Units can be easily assembled and installed into your van, which reduces your downtime, and allows you to get on the road servicing your customers! Our commercial van shelving units can be installed singular or part of a trade package, which will not only help your efficiency on the job site, but will give your business a professional look. They allow you to easily locate all your equipment when at the job site, giving you less down time & more billable hours!

Sterling Fleet Outfitters only installs the best van shelving, and storage products into vans. The fit & finish is something we pride ourselves on. You won’t be disappointed. We offer a variety of different trade packages for all commercial vans. We can either install the products into your work van at our purpose-built facility, or ship straight to your door!

We offer products such as ladder racks, drawer units, wall & floor lining kits, van shelving (aluminum & steel), workbenches, inverters, lighting, safety partitions & so much more.

We’re an OEM-authorized outfitting company for virtually every commercial vehicle manufacturer; offering industry-leading warranties and most of all, superior workmanship. Since 2002, our diverse product range and unsurpassed service have made us a trusted, reliable solutions-provider for businesses and fleets across North America.

At Sterling, we offer a range of commercial truck equipment for the outfitting of commercial pickup trucks. Our main goal is to create a vehicle package that will serve your needs day in and day out and help you Get More Done. We have a range of predesigned proven packages that not only help you be more efficient; they allow you to go to more places and service more customers!

We have packages for many industries including; telecommunications, service mechanics, landscapers, fire investigations, utility contractors, delivery companies, police dive teams, oil & gas, contractors, fiber splicers & so much more. These packages all fit in our slide-in service capsule which is a one-piece fiberglass watertight unibody. We have 3 sizes of truck cap available to suit all truck beds.

For a more standard set up, we offer aluminum canopies, truck rack & rails, bed slides, ladder rack systems, lift gates & so many more pick-up truck accessories. Sterling specializes in pick-up truck outfitting which will help improve your fleet, optimize its functionality and get you to more locations. With Sterling truck equipment, you can be rest assured that you will be getting products that are hardworking and won’t let you down. We understand that a vehicle off the road costs you money! We have over 19 years-experience helping 1000’s of companies Get More Done, and make more money!

Get more out of our pickup truck fleet with Sterling as your vehicle upfitting provider.

We’re an OEM-authorized outfitting company for virtually every commercial vehicle manufacturer; offering industry-leading warranties and most of all, superior workmanship. Since 2002, our diverse product range and unsurpassed service have made us a trusted, reliable solutions-provider for businesses and fleets across North America.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters is the industry leader when it comes to outfitting commercial vehicles with packages for the telecom & fiber optic splicing industry. We offer a variety of packages that ensure your technicians have an efficient, safe & productive work environment to perform their duties. Our fiber optic splicing packages enable crews to reach those rural locations, allowing you to satisfy more customers and to Get More Done.

The Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Caps by Sterling Fleet Outfitters are the ultimate work truck solution for the Fiber Optic Splicing Technician. These packages are versatile, lightweight and highly durable making it ideal for any work environment. These truck capsules are made from a one-piece mold, allowing them to go off-road and take the rural route as you don’t have to worry about getting stuck, or damaging the axle like you do on a trailer, or damaging the capsule as it’s made with reinforced fiberglass.

Sterling Fiber Optic Splicing Van packages are the best van solutions package to help your company Get More Done on the job site. With Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Van Packages your team can operate at full capacity in a safe, secure and efficient workspace. You have everything you need within arm’s reach; all of your equipment has a place and you can perform your job with confidence.

Our Splicing packages can be customized to suit your needs, and the vehicle that you have, or intend on upfitting. Our expert team with years in the industry will work with you to design the perfect layout that utilizes storage, and working space.

Our Fiber Optic Splicing Packages for vans allow you to Get More Done, and for your business to satisfy its customers.

Vehicle Upfitting Experts

If your vehicle isn’t working, it isn’t earning money. If it doesn’t perform the way you need, it’s reducing your efficiency. We understand what mobile professionals want from their vehicles. We listen and offer innovative, productivity-boosting solutions. Whether you’re fitting a commercial van, looking for a truck cap that suits your particular line of work, or you just need accessories that make the job easier, we can help you Get More Done.

Every mobile business has unique needs and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we carry a wide range of products from well-known and well-respected manufacturers. If nothing off-the-shelf is quite right, we have the tools and skills to design and install fully customized solutions. If you’d like to see samples of our work, ask about our demonstration vehicles. We can do in-person or virtual demos!

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100% North American Owned & Operated

We’re a Canadian owned family business providing industry solutions to Vans & Truck across North America. Sterling sets the bar when it comes to vehicle upfitting.

Our Process

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3. Deliver

Quality workmanship is integral to what we do. Our process ensures every project is planned thoroughly. We prepare rigorously before your vehicle arrives and we get the job done to the standard you’d expect.

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Serving North America

Strategically based in Vancouver, Canada, we have affiliate installation facilities from coast to coast across North America.

If your fleet has a broad geographical reach, just contact us. We can coordinate seamless delivery of your outfitted fleet vehicles to virtually anywhere in North America.

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