Truck Caps For Fiber Optic Splicing

Sterling Fleet Outfitters specializes in custom-built truck caps for fiber optic splicing, commercial truck caps, and other transferable service bodies which are designed specifically for the telecommunications industry.

We bring you the benefit of our many years of experience with telecommunications contractors, whom we have helped by providing efficient and ergonomic fiber optic splicing truck caps that have proven their durability over the test of time. We will work with you to design a layout with maximum work space, storage space and stand-up height.

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Truck Caps For Fiber Optic Splicing
Build options include the following:

  • Shelving, benches and cabinetry
  • Power distribution systems and lighting
  • External generator compartments
  • Climate control and ventilation
  • Custom cable access doors
  • Ladder racks

Get more work done on site with our Truck Caps For Fiber Optic Splicing

Vehicle Upfit Options For Fiber Optic Tech

Truck Caps For Fiber Optic Splicing

Save Money with Transferable Service Bodies from Sterling Fleet Outfitters

By upcycling Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Caps, you will be saving your business thousands of dollars over its lifetime. When comparing a Truck Cap to a service van for example, simply transfer your cap from vehicle to vehicle. This can be particularly useful when you lease your vehicle.

Our commercial truck caps are Made In Canada by Maranda Enterprises, and are universally fitted for any domestic pickup truck. They can be transferred using a forklift or camper jacks to your new vehicle, fully outfitted in just a few minutes.

Save Money on Gas, and keep your fleet as Green as possible

When comparing gasoline mileage standards, vehicles in the ‘Light Duty or Mid Duty’ class are generally much better on gasoline when compared to a service van. Choosing a commercial truck cap can have a serious impact on the environment and your wallet. Fill up less, and save air quality with this excellent solution from Sterling Fleet Outfitters.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters offers many options for customizing fiber optics mobile workshops to your needs, have a look at our van outfitting options below.

Upfit Options For Fiber Optic Splicing

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