Businesses that operate vehicle fleets often have particular needs. A consistent look helps communicate the business identity while a standardized layout boosts productivity, especially when work crews switch between vehicles. Sometimes there’s a need to have vehicles highly specialized for particular duties while still retaining the uniformity. When an outfitter treats every project as a one-off, it’s hard to achieve those levels of uniformity and consistency. At Sterling Fleet Outfitters, whether the fleet is two or two hundred vehicles, we have the capacity, resources and processes to give Fleet Managers what they need.

Fleet vehicles lead hard lives and Fleet Managers demand both durability and reliability. Engineering-in those qualities takes experience and a dependable vendor network. We’ve been outfitting commercial vehicles, truck caps and utility truck bodies since 2002. We know what holds up and what doesn’t and we only install the best.

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Sterling Fleet Outfitters is approved by leading vehicle manufacturers as a ship-through installer. That benefits Fleet Managers in several ways:

  • Consistent, predictable pricing when every vehicle is fitted-out in the same location. (Instead of having vehicles prepared in different places.)
  • Quality control – each vehicle will meet the same standard and specification.
  • Efficient scheduling: with direct factory communication, we know when to expect with each
  • Lower delivery costs and hassle. Vehicle logistics are taken care of via the vehicle manufacturers network and delivered right to your desired location.

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Quality workmanship is integral to what we do. Our process ensures every project is planned thoroughly. We prepare rigorously before your vehicle arrives and we get the job done to the standard you'd expect.
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