Commercial Truck Caps

The Commercial Truck Caps available at Sterling are one-piece fiberglass moulded capsules that combine the benefits of light weight and excellent durability. These canopies are very versatile, and can be outfitted with our heavy duty aluminum shelving and workspace systems to create the ultimate mobile workstation that you can take almost anywhere.

We provide professional, efficient outfitting systems for both Maranda Capsules and for other competitive service bodies.


Save thousands by transfering your Cap to a new vehicle:

Transferable Service Bodies, can save your business thousands of dollars over its service life, when compared to a service van. This is because the unit can be easily transfered to a new vehicle. This is especially useful when leasing your work vehicle, as when you lease a newer truck, just transfer your Truck Cap to the new vehicle easily.

Maranda capsules are universal for domestic pickup trucks and can be easily transfered from one truck to another, fully outfitted, in just a few minutes. Transfer can be done using a forklift or simple camper jacks.

Better for the environment:

Transferable Service Bodies, also known as 'Slip In Service Capsules, or Commercial Truck Caps provide the convenience of extra storage space, mobile workstations, and have a positive effect on the environment.

Keep your fleet as green as possible with Commercial Truck Caps from Sterling Fleet Outfitters.

They can save significant money on gas (versus a service van). The light weight of our Commercial Truck Toppers in combination with the mileage standards of a light or mid-duty truck are much more economical on your wallet, and the environment.

Durable and versatile:

Our Commercial Truck Caps are made in Canada by Maranda Enterprises and have been tried and tested by years of heavy use. They are used in various industries that require mobile service units that can be taken wherever a 4 wheel drive truck can go. Some industries that have proven the benefits of these products include Utilities providers, Fiber Optic Splicing and Telecom, Equipment Repair, and a number of Government Departments.

Please view the gallery on this page for examples of some layouts and applications for our Transferable Service Bodies and Commercial Truck Caps, and feel free to call or Contact Us through the website for a custom equipment layout to meet your specific needs.

The brochures on the right will give you the full specifications and details on all the models that we have available. If you need a Space-Saving Truck Cap of the highest quality, look no further than the Maranda products available here at Sterling Fleet Outfitters.


Maranda V Series Slip in Service Canopy

Maranda M Series Slip in Service Canopy


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