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Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Caps

Sterling Fleet Outfitters specializes in custom-built Fiber Optic Splicing Caps, Commercial Truck Caps, and other Transferrable Service Bodies which are designed specifically for the telecommunications industry.

From years of experience with telecommunications contractors, we have developed efficient and ergonomic Slip-in Fiber Optic Splicing units that have proven their durability over the test of time. We will work with you to design a versatile capsule with maximum work space and storage space. You can take your self sufficient splicing workstation anywhere that your truck can get to, on road or off road.


Our Fiber Splicing Capsules combine the benefits of the manoeverability of a Splicing Van, with the versatility of a Splicing Trailer all in one cost effective unit.

Save Money with Transferable Service Bodies from Sterling Fleet Outfitters

By transferring your Fiber Optic Splicing Cap, you can save your business thousands of dollars over its lifetime. When comparing a Truck Cap to a service van for example, simply transfer your cap from vehicle to vehicle. This can be particularly useful when you lease your vehicles.

Our Commercial Truck Caps are Made In Canada, and are universally fitted for any domestic 8' box pickup truck. They can be transferred using a forklift or camper jacks to your new vehicle, fully outfitted in just a few minutes.


Sterling Fiber Optic Splicing Capsules weigh approximately 1500 lbs fully outfittted. This allows them to be installed on a 3/4 ton PU truck, while still retaining plenty of payload capacity for all of the tools and equipment that are needed for efficient outside plant fiber splicing.


We can build and install on your truck, or build and ship to you for simple installation at your location.


Fiber Optic Splicing Capsule - Build options include the following:

- Shelving, splicing benches and cabinetry

- Power distribution systems and lighting

- External generator compartments

- Climate control and ventilation

- Custom cable access doors


Contact us today for more information and for a proposal that is designed to meet your unique requirements.





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