Commercial Truck Caps

Our Truck Caps are one-piece fiberglass molded capsules. They combine the benefits of light weight and excellent durability. All models of these canopies are very versatile and can be outfitted with our heavy-duty aluminum shelving and workspace systems to create the ultimate mobile workstation that you can take almost anywhere.

We provide professional, efficient outfitting systems for Maranda Commercial Truck Caps.

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Why choose a Commercial Truck Cap?

  • Reduce the weight of your vehicle, save on fuel costs.
  • Save money by upcycling your truck cap to a new leased vehicle.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by upcycling your truck cap.

Slip In Service Capsules can be easily transferred between vehicles

Commercial Truck Cap Installers

Our commercial truck caps are made in Canada by Maranda Enterprises and have been tried and tested by years of heavy use. They are used in various industries that require mobile service units that can be taken wherever a 4-wheel drive truck can go. Some industries that have proven the benefits of these products include Utilities providers, Fiber Optic Splicing Technicians and Telecom, Equipment Repair, and several Government Departments.

Please select a commercial truck cap style below to test options and build a quote.

Options For Commercial Truck Caps